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Games categories

Logic games
Arcade-LinesGame: Arcade-Lines
Games mark: 9.17 (by 12 granted)
Played by: 6463 times
About the game: Click the ball to add it to the group of balls of the same color. The balls disappear when their number is five. Warning! In order to get near the others, the ball must not have obstacles onward. Good ...
conundrumGame: Conundrum
Games mark: 9.67 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 9839 times
Small games
flasteroidsGame: Flasteroids
Games mark: 6.33 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 6026 times
About the game: Use the arrows to move the rocket and space to launch the missiles with the aid of which you will destroy the asteroids and you will get a lot of points. ...
jumpyGame: Jumpy
Games mark: 8.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 7413 times
Games online
smacktherabbitGame: Smacktherabbit
Games mark: 8.4 (by 35 granted)
Played by: 16492 times
pigsGame: Pigs
Games mark: 8.61 (by 23 granted)
Played by: 6060 times
About the game: Aim and shoot at the pigs by using the mouse. Gather points in order to be ranked higher. ...
New games
glimperGame: Glimper
Games mark: 8.75 (by 8 granted)
Played by: 12751 times
About the game: With the aid of arrowmove the monkey on many levels and gather the points. The jumps are made using the up arrow. Avoid the red dragon. ...
neweggGame: Newegg
Games mark: 8.73 (by 15 granted)
Played by: 6149 times
Shooters games
target_shootGame: Target_shoot
Games mark: 8.17 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 26802 times
About the game: Shoot at the target that appears on the screen by using the mouse with as many bullets and as fast as possible. Reload the weapon if you run out of bullets. Everything happens in 30 seconds. ...
asteroidfieldGame: Asteroidfield
Games mark: 7.6 (by 5 granted)
Played by: 8705 times
Mahjongg games
mahjonggGame: Mahjongg
Games mark: 9.94 (by 2314 granted)
Played by: 10983 times
About the game: Mahjong is a classic game. Eliminate the plates with identical signs by clicking two by two. Hurry up, the clock is ticking. Beware only the free plates can be eliminated. ...
flash_tilesGame: Flash_tiles
Games mark: 9.67 (by 21 granted)
Played by: 32442 times
About the game: Select the brighter identical squares to remove them. Complete the 50 levels to get a high score and enter the ranking with other players. ...
Skill games
KickUpsGame: KickUps
Games mark: 9 (by 1 granted)
Played by: 5790 times
About the game: You keep the ball with the mouse and gain points. You lose them if you drop the ball... Will you drop it? :-) ...
mole_catcherGame: Mole_catcher
Games mark: 8.25 (by 4 granted)
Played by: 11872 times
About the game: Mole Catcher is apart of those easily-played games. Press the keyboard number corresponding to where the smiley face appears. Each success brings five points, each failure takes a life. ...
Children games
multi_breakoutGame: Multi_breakout
Games mark: 7.71 (by 21 granted)
Played by: 12622 times
About the game: By using the mouse and the keyboard`s arrows, keep the balls in the game and hit the target on the screen, thus gaining more points. ...
maxiyatzyGame: Maxiyatzy
Games mark: 5.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 8873 times
About the game: A version of the classic Yatzy, known to us as “Yantz”. The rules are the same, except you play with 6 die instead of 5. ...
Adult games
catapultGame: Catapult
Games mark: 8.3 (by 20 granted)
Played by: 33313 times
About the game: 18+. Always use the mouse to attack cats. Left click and hold the button to gain power, aim for the cat, release the button and .... you get 100 points for a catapulting a cat out the door and 300 po ...
slashing_pumpkinsGame: Slashing_pumpkins
Games mark: 9.67 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 6361 times
Casino games
rouletteGame: Roulette
Games mark: 9.39 (by 44 granted)
Played by: 40305 times
About the game: Bet the amount wanted, choose the numbers you want to place your bet on and click on the wheel. ...
slotsGame: Slots
Games mark: 3.2 (by 107 granted)
Played by: 50523 times
About the game: Bet and spin the wheel pressing the ‘Spin’ key. If you have three similar elements, you win. When you decide that it is enough, save your score using the ‘Submit’ button. You can place a bet of 1 or 5 ...
Card games
solitaireGame: Solitaire
Games mark: 9.15 (by 55 granted)
Played by: 12592 times
circlesGame: Circles
Games mark: 8.17 (by 12 granted)
Played by: 11835 times
About the game: Using the mouse, get across the black circles and try to avoid the red ones. More black circles touched mean more points. At your third strike, the game ends. ...
Strategy games
12manyGame: 12many
Games mark: 8.66 (by 158 granted)
Played by: 11488 times
jaw_breakerGame: Jaw_breaker
Games mark: 9.17 (by 18 granted)
Played by: 7595 times
About the game: Click on groups with at least two balls of the same colour with the help of the left button of the mouse. The bigger the group the greater the points. The game ends when there are no balls of the same ...
Classic games
Crazy-ChessGame: Crazy-Chess
Games mark: 8.67 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 6590 times
About the game: Chess, the mind game! You play it following the known rules ... if you do not already know them, learn and play! It`s worth playing! ...
alien_disciplineGame: Alien_discipline
Games mark: 9.17 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 6106 times
Jump Games
militarysnowGame: Militarysnow
Games mark: 8.12 (by 60 granted)
Played by: 20420 times
militaryhgGame: Militaryhg
Games mark: 9.08 (by 51 granted)
Played by: 7604 times
Golf games
247MiniGolfGame: 247MiniGolf
Games mark: 8.33 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 19698 times
About the game: The target of the game is the same as for any Golf game: to enter the golf ball into the 18 holes with a minimum number of shots. You earn points if you are fast and accurate. ...
Billiard games
billiardGame: Billiard
Games mark: 8 (by 29 granted)
Played by: 8504 times
ultimate_billiardsGame: Ultimate_billiards
Games mark: 8.54 (by 24 granted)
Played by: 8016 times
Sudoku games
sudokuGame: Sudoku
Games mark: 7.3 (by 20 granted)
Played by: 12016 times
solingoGame: Solingo
Games mark: 7.45 (by 11 granted)
Played by: 21027 times
Free games
collectorGame: Collector
Games mark: 8.93 (by 14 granted)
Played by: 13029 times
About the game: Try to catch as many butterflies as possible inside the balloons before time runs out. Use the mouse, hold left click , move and then release to make a balloon. You can make up to 4 bubbles at the sam ...
walking_botsGame: Walking_bots
Games mark: 8.43 (by 14 granted)
Played by: 15575 times
About the game: Launch bombs towards the enemies using the left button of the mouse before they get too close and destroy you. ...
Car games
f1_kartGame: F1_kart
Games mark: 9.26 (by 92 granted)
Played by: 91227 times
About the game: Car games. Use the arrows from the keyboard to participate in racing events and to avoid the cars you pass by. You are allowed to have two “accidents” at most ...
starfallGame: Starfall
Games mark: 8.59 (by 73 granted)
Played by: 8873 times
Barbie games
sequencerGame: Sequencer
Games mark: 9.92 (by 13 granted)
Played by: 12740 times
santas_sackGame: Santas_sack
Games mark: 6.9 (by 30 granted)
Played by: 45167 times
About the game: With the left button of the mouse fill Santa`s sack with gifts not to let the dwarfs fill it. Click on the dwarfs and you will see. ...
Memory games
memoryGame: Memory
Games mark: 7 (by 8 granted)
Played by: 16291 times
mood_matchGame: Mood_match
Games mark: 8.78 (by 9 granted)
Played by: 7818 times
Sport games
quick_shotGame: Quick_shot
Games mark: 7.5 (by 4 granted)
Played by: 8436 times
WorldCupHeadersGame: WorldCupHeaders
Games mark: 3.43 (by 7 granted)
Played by: 8271 times
About the game: Handle the player with the keys, hit the ball and launch it over the net. Do not allow the ball to fall in your court. ...
Miniclip games
frisbeedogGame: Frisbeedog
Games mark: 8.91 (by 23 granted)
Played by: 19416 times
About the game: With the aid of the mouse cick left on the dog to make him jump and take the favourite food. The more you push the button the higher he will jump. You can move the dog left, right with the aid of the ...
flatoutGame: Flatout
Games mark: 7.69 (by 39 granted)
Played by: 46755 times
About the game: Push the button space when the arrow is near the points to have more speed. If you push the button when the arrow is not near the points the car will decrease in speed. The more you speed up,the furth ...
Puzzle games
puzzle_paradiseGame: Puzzle_paradise
Games mark: 8.33 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 6684 times
puzzle_monkeyGame: Puzzle_monkey
Games mark: 8.57 (by 14 granted)
Played by: 6643 times
War games
space_dudeGame: Space_dude
Games mark: 9.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 10355 times
submarinesGame: Submarines
Games mark: 8.39 (by 23 granted)
Played by: 20441 times
About the game: Shoot the ships with the torpedoes which you can launch wuth the help of the mouse. The points of the shooting are:three points for the near ships,two points for the further ships,one point for the sh ...
Tetris games
sonicbloxGame: Sonicblox
Games mark: 8.53 (by 70 granted)
Played by: 34277 times
About the game: Another Tetris. Controls left and right arrow = you move the player to the right or left; up arrow = rotation; down arrow = descend rapidly, the purpose of the game is to complete the rows and get poi ...
fruitdropGame: Fruitdrop
Games mark: 9.36 (by 22 granted)
Played by: 30090 times
About the game: The game is part of the “Tetris” class. In order to play, you must use the keyboard’s arrows.left and right arrow – to move from left to right, up arrow – to rotate and the left arrow – to make the fi ...
Action games
TestGame: Test
Games mark: 9 (by 1 granted)
Played by: 4275 times
About the game: You move the ball with the mouse to get from the Start to Finish! Do not hit the wall, because you will lose life and you will have to start all over again! Good luck in the game! ...
marioGame: Mario
Games mark: 9.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 7481 times
About the game: Shoot in the left side, right side and upwards - if you want, and downwards :-), - and kill everything coming to you ... it is a game and you are in self-defense ... ...

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